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The conclusions in “Pelosi: It’s simple case of bribery,” which appeared in the Nov. 15 issue of The Sun, fall short of actual extortion activity but is a little better than the Latin playground “quid pro quo” la di da “Don’t Worry Be Happy” innocence. On national TV during the 2016 DNC convention, Khizr Kahn gallantly implored Mr. Trump to read the U.S. Constitution, which says that grounds for impeachment include: “treason (siding with “I didn’t do it” Vladimir Putin regarding Russian election meddling over unanimous U.S. intelligence agencies), bribery (political rival Biden investigation in exchange for release of July 19 Congressionally approved and desperately needed $391 million military aid to fight Russia who annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula) or other crimes and misdemeanors.” Thirteen lies a day murders truth but is this a crime or misdemeanor?

Bribery: The offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty. Extortion is more like it, but Pelosi chose bribery wisely, with it explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, even if Mr. Trump obliviously ignores this document he’s sworn allegiance to.

Hey Mr. Trump: Similar to that “phony emoluments clause,” is bribery another imposter that unfairly shackles you? Remarkable to see the Republican response evolution: 1. It never happened; 2. Something occurred but not that; 3. Chief of Staff Mulvaney: “Get over it”; 4. Yeah but it’s so boring. You might see these hearings on TV but it’s NOT a TV show. Pelosi: “No one comes to Congress to impeach a president”. Maybe so Nancy, but no one comes to the White House mocking the Constitution that protects the American people against personal gain, nepotism and not only party before country, but person before all else. We call Donald J. Trump to the stand.

Jay Lustgarten


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"Pelosi: “No one comes to Congress to impeach a president”. Maybe so Nancy..."

Perhaps you can familiarize yourself with someone named Rashida Tlasib a congresswoman from Michigan who ran on what? impeaching Trump whom she refered to as a motherf***er when screaming her proclimation. Then we have the fake whistleblower's lawer who tweeted just after Trump's inauguration "The coup has begun" or Sen. Chuck Schumer who seethed "The intelligence community has 6 ways from Sunday to get you!" yes just days after the inaguration.

Trump is not perfect and unlike politicians he doesn't claim to be. America is hopelessly corrupt (this is Rhode Island after all) with or without Trump and the democrats are leading the way.

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