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You gotta love The Sun’s sense of humor in running the Sept. 27 editorial, “Impeachment is a very serious matter. Proceed with caution,” urging the straight-faced seriousness that left me rapt and wide-eyed, but a quarter-inch away was the letter by Phil Gingerella titled “‘Green Nightmare’ is nothing but a lie,” which I’m sure makes the hundreds of thousands climate refugees feel much better.

Lie? Tell that to the four million Sept. 20th climate strike participants who will have none of it. Yes, presidential impeachment is “Serious Business” (youtube John Mellencamp’s 1983 hit), not be taken lightly, but so are Mr. Trump’s taxes and the Presidential Oath of Office that Mr. Trump has broken since the first second of his inauguration, abetted by a 2017-18 Republican Congress, totally disinterested in the constitutional duty of Congressional oversight responsibility. Republican Congressional abdication’s two primary effects: 1. Emboldened Mr. Trump to believe he was above the law and could do anything, which in fact he did through Nov. 6, 2018; 2. Created a modern-day mid-term election day wave as Americans flooded to the voting booth, delivering an 8.6% popular-vote margin for Democrats to take back our government, returning the rule of law that governs 100% of its citizens, including Mr. Trump.

Two-year-overdue Congressional oversight is now in progress as Democrats confront Mr. Trump’s impeachable offenses that include but are not limited to: 1. Trump Tower and Hotels frequented by foreign dignitaries that enrich the White House occupant; 2. Multiple incidents of obstruction of justice until Mr. Trump annexed the Department of “JustUs,” installing William Barr who’s acted as Mr. Trump’s personal savior; 3. Family separations that have left children lost, scared and scarred; 4. Transgender service member ban; 5. Threats of civil war; 6. Actively encouraging foreign countries (Russia, Ukraine, China) to influence, for personal gain, our “sovereign” elections; 7. Demanding the Congressional Intelligence Chairman, Adam Schiff, be charged with treason while suggesting treasonous traitors get executed; etc. It’s the American Nightmare made worse knowing there are lunatics who prey on these encouragements, looking for some wacky reason to commit violence that Mr. Trump “disfavors” (wink, nod!).

The bottom line is that Mr. Trump’s behavior has brazenly exceeded the founding fathers’ imaginations of what they thought possible of any sitting president. Our Constitution is not prepared for anyone who daily places his own personal gain above the country’s well-being, which remarkably is shrugged off by a shrinking loyal base that is strategically located from an electoral college perspective. This makes Mr. Trump’s presidency rival climate change as the biggest threats to the future well-being of our country.

Jay Lustgarten


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