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A headline in the April 26 issue of The Westerly Sun — “N.Y. judge finds Trump in contempt for failing to respond to subpoena” — sounds like fun until you read the not-so-fine print. “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” which is exactly what Trump did as his 2016-20 tenure has a three-part legacy that’s playing out right now:

1. Packing the courts with right-wing judges, see SCOTUS, with a special credit to Mitch McConnell, where the majority of justices were appointed by Republican presidents who lost the popular vote, confirmed by senators from states having less than half the population;

2. Leave no millionaire behind tax cuts, which might be the two threads that keep Trump tethered to what was the Republican party; and

3. The Jan. 6 insurrection that continues struggling, more than a year later, to find its legs. If justice delayed is justice denied, then it’s justice denied, case closed.

A Trump lawyer noted “Trump does not send emails or text messages and has no work computer,” suggesting transactions were all verbal? Twitter? “Leave no Trace” is a great wilderness policy but has no place in the business world — unless of course your business is fraudulent. The enduring question: Were certain assets undervalued for taxes while overstated for loan and personal net worth purposes? A legitimate question, but it automatically qualifies as a witch hunt if asked. Disagree?

With a slinky legacy that rolls along featuring each slide worse than the next, Mr. Trump’s enduring popularity among his base is truly remarkable, with a treasonous legacy punctuated by 16,241 in-office lies per Washington Post. If the truth will set you free, what will 16,241 lies do? Get you reelected? For the love of God, no!

Jay Lustgarten


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