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As the president of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance, I cannot ignore the baseless comments made recently by Mr. Scott Bill Hirst in the Westerly Sun (“Charlestown should put questions on agenda,” Sept. 9). Mr. Hirst must first heed his own counsel that “it is advisable to stay out of another town’s internal politics.”

Secondly, while only reacting to letters from the political opposition, as he stated, Mr. Hirst has failed to get a true assessment of the political climate in Charlestown. I encourage Mr. Hirst, or anyone else, to thoroughly research an issue before casting aspersions in a public newspaper.

What I really want to address is the answer to his question: Does the Charlestown Citizens Alliance support her (Linda Lyall’s) conduct? Without getting into a protracted discussion about specific issues, and focusing on the question of support, my answer is that the CCA fully supports Linda Lyall as the chairwoman of the Chariho School Committee. CCA also supports the other members of boards and commissions whom we have endorsed. When CCA endorses a candidate, after much study and discussion, we step back and let them do their job as they see fit.

Charlestown is a well-run, politically active community. In my opinion it is a more desirable place to live and better run than most neighboring communities. The character of the town and the low tax rate are just some of the things that make it such a great place to live. CCA-supported officeholders are a major contributing factor to the town’s success.

Leo Mainelli


The writer is the president of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance.

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