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This letter is submitted to advocate for my re-election to the Hopkinton Town Council. My candidacy is unique among all the candidates. I am the only one to have served multiple terms on the town council. If re-elected, I will start my eighth non-consecutive term. I have been running every two years since 1992. My service is from 1996-2004; and again from 2010-14, and since November, 2018. I am in my third term as vice president.

Continuity of town government is important. The town manager, William A. “Bill” McGarry, is retiring. Three of five town council members are not running — Frank T. Landolfi, council president; Sylvia K. Thompson; and Barbara A. Capalbo. So at least three members of the next town council will be new. Of all the eight candidates, I have the most experience. In addition, I am the only one who served on the Charter Review Commission in the past. Hopefully, we will get that up and running soon.

The hottest political topic in years in Hopkinton is the ongoing solar issue. However, there are more issues in Hopkinton than the solar issue. That should not be forgotten. The next town council will deal with issues far removed from that issue. The leadership of the town staff of a new town manager is crucial. I wish to acknowledge the leadership of our outgoing town manager.

There are a number of reasons I hope people will consider voting for me. I will list only five here:

1. I grew up in Hopkinton;

2. I am educated in political science;

3. I am not a single-agenda-item person;

4. I know town history, and years ago was president of the local historical association; and

5. I know and appreciate the fact there are four other town council members than yourself.

I was town moderator from 2014-18. I have been involved in other aspects of town government. In the past I have been an officer of the Ashaway Fire District. The biggest issue for me is getting the town government better organized! The town needs more people to step up to serve on boards and commissions! For example, the Planning Board is short two alternate members. One current town council candidate applied then withdrew his Planning Board application.

I chair the Republicans in Hopkinton. I ask voters to consider voting for these Republican candidates: Mike Geary, Justin Wilmar, and myself for town council; Larry Phelps for town sergeant; and Ed James for town moderator. On the state level, vote for Republican candidates incumbent Elaine J. Morgan for state senator; and Donald Kohlman and incumbent Justin Price, both state representative candidates. Mr. Geary, it should be noted, already has town government experience, serving on the Zoning Board of Review.

Politics can be tough, and perhaps the toughest is local politics. We have not agreed on issues at times on the council, but the ability to try to agree, and not be disagreeable, is important.

Voters with questions and comments can reach me at, 401-326-5162 or 401-212-3717.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council and is running for re-election.

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(2) comments


I thank Scott Bill Hirst for listening to constituents over the past 2 years and very much appreciate his service.

But I don't agree with a blanket endorsement of all Republican candidates. We need to know what the candidates stand for and as of today, have not heard anything at all from Justin Wilmar and what he stands for. I hope voters concentrate on what each candidate will bring to the town so we have a well rounded Town Council.


I have known Scott for about 30 years since I moved to Hopkinton and I will be voting for him again.

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