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Last December our community was rocked by the shooting at Babcock Village. To the victims and their families, our heartfelt condolences and prayers to everyone involved.

To be commended are our local and state police forces and all personnel for their quick response and professionalism in securing the crime scene, informing our schools, businesses, and residents of what took place and for their swift action to “lock-down” to keep our children and residents out of harm’s way. Also thanks to Chief Lacey for supplying the public with information as events unfolded that was broadcast by Chris DiPaola of WBLQ.

The shooter unfortunately had a history of mental illness and was diagnosed by professionals in that field. He obtained a weapon and, per previous police records, was considered homicidal and/or suicidal. In this age of high technology, you can enter a person’s name on the computer and know almost everything about that person (even what they had for breakfast). Shouldn’t there be a database that would contain names of those people who are at risk for various reasons who shouldn’t be allowed to purchase a weapon?

I know there are many avenues open where one can purchase a weapon illegally, but the avenue to purchase a weapon legally by those deemed at risk to the public or themselves should be closed.

May God bless everyone in 2020 with good health, peace and prosperity, and hopefully individuals and nations can settle their differences in a civil manner.

Tony Trebisacci


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