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At almost 72, I want to stay in touch with the times. No more excuses for not learning how to use a computer or that it was too expensive for my Social Security-based budget.

I am thankful that the most important key in history was invented. It’s not the key to my house or car — it is the key to order, sanity and peace of mind. The key is “delete” — you see, I’m still not “into computers.” You cannot tame a mouse, only keep your hand on it so it won’t get away.

I went to the computer store to ask for a consultation with a salesperson. Let me tell you what I learned. Make sure your computer is plugged in before you call for a technician. And, if you have a problem with the computer freezing up (not due to weather), take it to a technician. And a hairdryer will not work. There are windows in the computer building and then there are “Windows” (a major computer operating system, I found out).

I guess it is worth learning the ropes of the trade in this tech world, even if you’re getting up there in age.

Gloria Birchell


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