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I feel compelled to respond to the misguided, preconceived notions that Ms. Chambers purports on gun laws.

First of all, the overwhelming amount of gun laws on “the books” can’t help but have an adverse effect on the “legal, law-abiding gun owners.” I assume you have read and examined, in totality, all the present Rhode Island gun laws prior to submitting your letter on the laws that exist.

Your comment about the “gun lobby,” which you referenced, would be all those “law-abiding legal” gun owners. Who else could they be? That sentence is perhaps the only truth your letter puts forth for scrutiny. Criminals do not follow the rule of law. That is true of any criminal. Your non-argument theory can be rebuffed using the correlation between a “legal law-abiding” gun owner and an alcoholic who drives impaired. Stop signs and stop lights are also installed for public safety and health. Does the inebriated alcoholic run stop signs and lights when impaired? Yes! So why have them at all?

Fast forward, eight million new legal, law-abiding up to this point background-checked new gun owners have evolved. These new gun owners saw the need to protect themselves, should the time ever occur, due to the liberal Democrat Party policies, echoing defunding police, abolishing ICE, freeing already convicted criminals, and just the latest, the removal of funding for body armor for the brave men in blue.

The Democrat Party was very astute in their observation of this anomaly. First, they viewed this action as a threat to their lust for power and control over the “law-abiding” legal citizens, while also presenting the opportunity for an tax windfall. Henceforth, a proposal of a $200 registration for each gun and each magazine over 10-round capacity, an imposition of an insurance policy exclusively for “legal” gun owners, and last but not least, forcing you to submit to a psychological examination by a government-appointed psychiatrist. Their choice, their doctors.

See where this is going? I do! I am not sure if this is a yearly exam, or what individuals can request or impose this examination on you. An unfriendly neighbor, perhaps, or a liberal Democrat who does not subscribe to your conservative voice or views. Another form of “cancel culture.” The possibilities are endless.

That being said, Ms. Chambers, I suggest you examine the root causes of gun violence and school shootings, in reference to new gun laws. Those would fall into the category of mental health, criminal activists, and troubled youth, with no parental guidance, to mention a few. I choose not to bring up the past school shootings by name and perpetrators, as we know who they are, and their mental stability, as well as their lack of parental influence as to correct social behavior. Correct these problems, and the results will become glaringly evident as a productive trend toward solving this dilemma.

(Note: No sooner do I make my assertions about psychological exams than I read in The Westerly Sun an article that Connecticut is looking to expand the law on who can “jump on the bandwagon” as to who has input to your gun rights. How about your lawn care guy, trash man, paper boy, mailman, dentist or proctologist?)

Walter Sheldon Jr.


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Former Democrat

gun laws are unconstitutional & don't work gun violence happens mostly in gun free zones & states with the most gun laws aka blue states. Criminals & democrats don't follow laws & both have only one reason to disarm american citizens so when they rob from us threaten us harass us & force their will on us we can't fight back. This is why the first thing a socialist government does is to disarm the peasants before stripping them of their rights. The democrat socialist party is no different which makes all democrats the greatest threat to freedom.


Well done Walter. You hardly missed any Fox New talking points. Defund the police. Check. The manufactured fear of " liberal Democrats ". Check. Criminals don't obey laws so duhhhh.....why have them? Heaven forbid a person who - lets say- holds high elected office yet spouts off about whack-a-doodle Quanon fairy tales should have to get a check - up from the neck up before they get their hands on a lethal weapon. Oh sweet Jesus in heaven, that would be so anti gun sales....errr I mean American. Oh by the way Walt, you do realize you have LIBERALS to thank not only for living in the United States of America, and not 'West England'.....but these same LIBERALS ( omg what a scary word!) are the ones who saw fit that Torys ....I mean 'conservatives' like you even have the right to bear arms. Conservatives of that era wished to smooch the Kings behind but it was brave LIBERALS back then who risked all so that hundreds of years later, ungreatful citizens like you and GOP suck ups could try to tarnish the word LIBERAL. Just about every freedom you hold dear, came not from a came from ( as King George called the founders) " Liberal malcontents." Hey, you're welcome.

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