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My husband and I first met Victoria Gu when she knocked on our door in June. I was surprised because no candidate had ever knocked on our door before! Victoria asked what issues we should work on in the area. It took me a while to think about it, but then we got talking about South County’s unique beauty and fragile natural resources endangered by sea-level rise, shoreline access, the importance of great schools for all students, and dearth of affordable housing for folks starting out. We talked about the importance of protecting a woman’s autonomy in health care decisions and the inherent empathy and wisdom women bring to policy making.

I loved that a brilliant young woman of color volunteered her precious time as an undergrad to tutor kids who struggled due to subpar schooling. Victoria was a breath of fresh air — we were so on board that we immediately contributed to her campaign and proudly put up Victoria’s lawn sign. A neighbor saw the sign and asked me why I was supporting Victoria, and I said — simple! Because she came to our door and took the time to talk to us. I had a lot of detailed questions, and for Victoria it didn’t matter if it took five minutes or half an hour — she’d sit with me and my husband and answer our questions thoughtfully. I agree with her positions, admire her history of volunteer service to her community, and have proudly watched her marshal a brilliantly run campaign. Victoria Gu will make a stellar state senator and we will be fortunate to have her leadership.

Few candidates these days go door-to-door. Victoria tells me she’s knocked on well over a thousand doors over the past three months. She is eager to serve our community, listen to our concerns, and has the brains and problem-solving skills to help make South County better than ever. We are thrilled to support Victoria Gu for state Senate in District 38 and we urge everyone else to support her too.

Cary Bradley


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