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I’m writing this letter to the editor today because I support the school bond. I’m a senior and live on a pension, but I also believe we need make our schools better. We have a chance to receive 35% back and up to 50% back if certain things are done in the fashion they should be done. We need to make our schools updated so we keep our children in our schools instead of paying for them to go to another school. Just maybe some children from other towns would want to go to our schools.

Also, the Town Council, School Committee and Building Committee all need to play nice now and into the near future so we can get the 50% of our monies back. I know this is a big bond, but I also know we need to fix and maintain our schools. Listen to the facts, not the fiction, like one person saying we will put future generations into bankruptcy , or planes hitting the new school planned on State Street (if that was true, the hospital shouldn’t have a third floor).

I don’t have any children or grandchildren in our school system. But if we have a great school system, we can attract new businesses into Westerly that will just maybe bring high-paying jobs into our town, which we need.

Tom Nall


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