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While there was an opportunity to speak at Tuesday night’s Westerly Planning Board meeting, the realization that there is a lot of individual agendas in play is prompting me to write this.

When I bought my house at 18 West Fairway 25 years ago, West Fairway was undeveloped and overgrown with brush and weeds, not fields of green. Over the years, we happily watched the brush disappear and beautiful homes built on West and South Fairways. NEVER do I remember any concerns about any construction issues like the ones that were supposedly raised by our neighborhood and misstated by Attorney Liguori at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Furthermore, as abutting neighbors, we were always respectfully informed about construction plans via individual letters, which the golf course owners have yet to do. I would point out that there is no comparison between a house and a resort. I find it offensive that our concerns were belittled by Attorney Liguori. Is there a reason why it’s wrong for us to want to keep our water views? Because that’s what Scola and Ligouri openly want for their golf course housing. Is it wrong for us to object to our properties being devalued by losing our view and the imposed congestion and noise pollution?

It’s apparent why the golf course isn’t viable. It is a neglected mess. The outings have diminished, and participation is visibly down. A possible tactic, but nevertheless a justified worry about the upkeep of a golf resort.

There was a lot of misinformation stated Tuesday night, which was presented as fact, including the truthful resolution to Metacomet Golf Club. Yet with a broad brush it was all deemed OK.

Angela Volpicelli


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