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Think of earth like a human body with blood and organs and creatures — the cells — that make up the body. To remain healthy, the body needs for all cells to work properly. Now think of humans as a group of cells that figured out ways (mutated) to flourish beyond their limits. They have begun to eat all the other cells. If we continue as we have, the earth will soon have diabetes and failing heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. The body will die and so will the human cells. We cannot survive without clean water, breathable air, and moderate temperatures, nor can the other creatures and many of the plants we use for food.

As global warming concerns surfaced, the fossil-fuel industry spent millions to control the conversation. When Al Gore used known science to make a documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” it was ready. Using hired guns, it raised doubt. Soon, more than half the people in the United States doubted Al Gore. Looking back now, many of the movie predictions have come about. Extreme weather events with severe downpours and floods, record heat and weather variations. Though oil-rich politicians still pretend no need for urgency, we have no room for doubt. Science has intensified its research. It shows how global warming, over-population, biodiversity, food and resource limits and war come together in disaster. We face a bleak future.

Humans believe we can do anything. We look back at primitive man gazing at the stars and pride ourselves because we believe we are close to visiting the stars. If our population continues to grow and we continue using fossil fuels, the oceans will become too acidic for most creatures. Heat and weather will become more intense, too intense for many creatures, maybe too intense for life as we know it. We know that dinosaurs once walked the earth but do no more. They had no control over what killed them off. There are many ways our destruction could come. At least with fossil fuels we know what can kill us off. Why stand by and do nothing? How can we believe we can do anything when here we do nothing?

Joseph C. Sciarillo


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