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It is okay to do nothing. You have earned it. Sometimes you feel like staying in bed and reading all day, or watching TV. I watch the old reruns of “Laverne & Shirley” or “I Love Lucy.” I also watch CNN but I avoid talking heads endlessly debating war, corporate shenanigans, immigration and the upcoming elections. I also love to bake until my brain fries with this heat and humidity.

I was brought up to think that doing nothing was sinful. If I was not making every second count doing something worthwhile I was not the person my folks wished I would be. (How sad.) As I have grown up and gotten older, I learned doing nothing is a necessity. It is nice to veg out and spend time seeking peace.

Unfortunately, you cannot do this every day or you will turn into a chubby person in a bathrobe and slippers who would never take a shower. Remember, life spent between wonderful and nothing is great. Think about it.

Gloria Birchell


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