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While reading the Westerly Sun today, I realized that spring and silly season have aligned. I know it is spring because the Sun delivered flyers in the paper advertising lawn and garden products. I know it is silly season because the Sun’s Letters to the Editor featured Phil Gingerella with one of his silly challenges. In it he offers $200 to charity should Trump release his tax returns. The target of Phil’s rancor and so-called challenge was Jay Lustgarten. In Phil’s mind Jay must be a progressive poster boy.

With his typical splatter style of writing, Phil insults Mr. Lustgarten, misrepresents the Affordable Health Care Act, the Constitution, the Trump tax release issue, and his silly challenge. At the end Phil suggests that Mr. Lustgarten take a free college course on the Constitution. The letter left me wondering. Does Phil have a point? Did anyone tell him the NRA may soon go bankrupt? No one wanting release of Trump’s tax returns claims a Constitutional right as Phil suggests in his muddled way. Everyone demanding disclosure cites the precedent begun by Richard Nixon and followed by all candidates since, except Trump.

The recommendation that Mr. Lustgarten take a course on the Constitution raised the most questions. Did Phil take his own advice? Did he take a course on the Constitution? If so, did he pay attention? The person in the White House acting as president has a Cabinet filled with acting Secretaries. Most of them have violated the oath of office to defend the Constitution, as has the Republican-controlled Senate. It began when Trump did not defend the United States in Helsinki. Ignoring our intelligence professionals, he took the word of our main adversary, Russia. Trump ignores his duties under the Constitution and the Republican-controlled Senate does nothing. It refuses to defend the Constitution. Does Phil understand the Constitution? Does he know it calls for three separate but equal branches of government? Does he know the responsibilities each has? It is a safe bet that Mr. Lustgarten knows. Ours is not now a working government as intended. Does this alarm Phil? No. Based on the adolescent insults surrounding Phil’s suggestion, like Trump and the Republican Senate, Phil does not understand or respect the Constitution.

Joseph C. Sciarillo


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Joseph C. Sciarillo, you have now done what you accuse Phil of doing. It's just an ad hominem attack citing no data or facts.

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