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The front page photo on this week’s Mystic River Press (children all “masked up”) has prompted me to share this letter I sent to the Stonington Board of Education regarding mask mandate in schools:

The masks — you mean the filthy, disgusting, germ-ridden things we are supposed to put over our mouths and noses? The ones we take on and off all day long, stuff into our pockets or purses, wrap around our wrists or hang from the rear-view mirror? The masks that will save us from humanity?

Beyond the physical impairments, the psychological negative impact of masks is immeasurable. This applies to all, but especially our children. Society has collectively lost its mind, the ability to use common sense and the capacity to think for themselves. The rules are ridiculous and the ever-changing science is nothing more than a guessing game. Manipulation and intimidation via fear-mongering has gone on for 18 months. THIS is the contagion we should all be concerned about.

Our children are being used as pawns in the most disgusting game ever played. Parents need to wake up and see what is really going on, here and throughout the land. Speak up and stop the madness.

Donna Gorman


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Right! It's all a grand plan to rob you and your kids of your freedoms. And what a clever plan! Six hundred and fifty THOUSAND have died and the unvaccinated keep emergency rooms stuffed in this big fake out. Wait! Hold the phone! Didn't the former genius who knew this was a con job say it would just vanish?? Darn...that's odd. Maybe it's real? Yep....and maybe, just maybe Earth isn't flat! Right Donna?

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