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I am a senior citizen who walks both for necessity and pleasure. Sometimes I find a street with a sidewalk on one side but not the other side or no sidewalk. I need a safe place to walk.

Walking on School Street is a nightmare, the sidewalk is in real disrepair. Then there is Wells Street that goes from no sidewalk, to a sidewalk on one side, and then just past the hospital it changes to the other side of the road!

Which brings me to another safety hazard: Lack of crosswalks. Where the sidewalk ends on Wells Street, it would be nice if there was a crosswalk to safely get across, whether going to the hospital or continuing on to the other side.

On Beach Street it would be nice if the crosswalk in front of the nursing home went all the way across the street! Then up on Granite Street, how the heck can you cross safely? The traffic lights have a button to be pushed so the traffic stops in one direction but not the other, and by the time you get halfway across the street, the red hand telling you not to cross is in place!

Who do you talk to about crosswalks, sidewalks and other crossing at traffic lights? How do you get traffic to stop at the crosswalk on Granite Street by the shopping center?

Susan B. Gaccione


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The roads, walkways and traffic lights are awful in this town. Not sure where all the money went to from an approved bond 8-10 yrs ago went to . Sure don't see it spent wisely.... how come we cant get traffic lights that have arrows for turns onto side roads from granite street.. roads that have catch basins even with the road not a 2 foot drop/pothole? Traffic lights that really work properly not like the one at Wells and East ave. Sometimes there is no traffic comming one way and you have to wait a lengthy time for it to change. Maybe the town should speak to the traffic coordinator who redesigned the light on upper High St.... As usual money designated for specific things never seems to get there in full....

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