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Surface analysis of your July 29 “Feds shouldn’t stymie Mass. wind power” editorial whispers or screams, “Is anyone paying attention?” or “Fake news!” ... you tell me.

Missing Ryan Zinke? “He supported swift action to develop offshore wind energy in the United States” (United? Which states are these?) with action about as swift as the blades spinning on all the wind turbines he got installed: Can you count to zero? Mr. Zinke’s impressive wind energy support leaves us with one operating offshore American wind farm proudly spinning off our Block Island shores in Rhode Island, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Comrade Zinke. Where exactly is this editorial’s tongue when questioning the Interior Department’s Vineyard Wind project stall, citing an environmental review that might stall the project? Oh, but wasn’t Operation Iraqi Freedom about freeing the Iraqi people and not freeing the Iraqi oil? Vineyard Wind needs to proceed now, but if your intention is to kill it, wouldn’t this be a great time to suddenly discover the administration’s environmental review obligations? Why be wrong giving this administration that walked out of the Paris Climate Agreement the benefit of the doubt when you could just give them the environmental doubt?

Please recall Mr. Trump’s January18 directive to “open nearly all U.S. waters to offshore oil drilling,” which is a complete 360-degree full-turbine turn away from offshore wind as the world indifferently turns and burns. June was the hottest month for global temperatures in 140 years of recorded history, with July on fire to burn this record down. That’s what happens when you vote for a deceptively corrupt fossil fuel-loving regime that uses the power of the presidency for personal profit and donor rewards, indifferent to science and irrespective of the harm to life on Earth. Sorry polar bears, you’re first on the extinction scorecard. We hardly knew ye.

Jay Lustgarten


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