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This letter is a follow-up to an item I recently submitted to the new Town Council regarding the memorial granite plaques and memorial trees placed in our downtown sidewalks, many of which have long been awaiting replacement trees after being removed years ago. These are the trees whose metal grates were recently “yanked,” according to a town official I spoke with, in a second phase of the new sidewalk project, under the new town management.

This recent removal of the placeholder tree grates suggests there is no longer any intention to replace these living memorials to honored citizens of our town. I hope that my letter’s purpose is clear: It is my sincere belief that the town is responsible for replacing the trees that were donated at large expense by individual citizens in memory of other citizens. These living memorials should have long ago been replaced with more appropriate trees if the ones originally chosen by the town were not appropriate for whatever reason.

I also believe the town is responsible for treating these granite plaques in their donated place with the utmost respect and care, which does not seem to be the case if one judges by the recent phase of the sidewalk project. Many of the plaques are now smeared with mismatched cement that make the memorial plaque difficult to read. I have done my best with the names from our memorial plaques listed below in an effort to make sure these citizens continue to be honored per the original intent and understanding (sincere apologies for any names I’ve missed or been unable to read).

A number of these plaques still await their replacement Living Memorial Tree, as does my father’s memorial, still awaiting his tree, “With Love for Clem Griscom 1988." Trees or plaques for the following people and entities need to be addressed by the town council:

  • Dr F Bruno Acnelli
  • Francis C Lathrop Sr
  • Otto Kerr Jr, Julia Tamer Kerr
  • Columbus J Pasetti, Westerly Fire Department
  • Carl and Caroline Manfred
  • Girard P Nardone
  • Representative Donald R Bonner
  • Richard J Richmond
  • Carl E Schonning
  • Senator Antonio C Trovato
  • Richard Comolli
  • Harriet and Cyril V Moore
  • Frank P Sposato, Founder of Wescon
  • Samuel and Anne Hirsch
  • Westerly Town Council 1984-1986
  • Edwin Kenyon, Ethel Liz Kenyon
  • Bill Griffin, Barrett Holby
  • Raymond Castagna
  • Joseph J Micelli Sr
  • John & Irene Walker
  • Michael and Mary Ferraro
  • “Tippy” Salimeno
  • Theresa Nigrelli
  • Joseph and Mary Pucci
  • Orsinger & Nardone law Offices
  • “Spuchy” Gingerella
  • Joseph Cugini
  • Thomas and Mary Castagna
  • J Romanella and Sons
  • Frances L Priorolo
  • Roland Longolucco
  • Diane B Howard
  • Gerald H Payne
  • Robert A Ballelli
  • Henry Nardone Family
  • Thomas and Teresa Nardone
  • James E Giorno
  • Floyd L Brown
  • Nancy DeMario Spano
  • Clem Griscom
  • Scott Demirs
  • Mildred & Richard A Matzdorff
  • Dana Valery Catalano
  • Nadia, Sergio & Eva Franchi
  • Scott D Cersosimo
  • Lisa Lavarini
  • The Sposato Families
  • The Vars Brothers, Clarence and Raymond
  • Alfred Cugini
  • Carl Chinigo
  • Larry and Kay Hirsch
  • Louis and Rose Misto

Eliza Griscom


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