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Donald Trump is a communist! No, not one of the Marxist-Leninist communists from a hundred years ago, I mean a modern, Chinese-Vietnamese communist. Modern communists abandoned the Marxist economic system because it is so destructive it needed a totalitarian government. Instead, they adopted free market economics, but kept many features of the old totalitarian regimes such as destruction of the environment and the suppression any form of opposition to the government. 

This is exactly the deal Trump is proposing, and which the Republican party supports. While the rule of law is abandoned, the press (and the concept of truth itself) is threatened at every turn and minority religions and ethnic groups are mocked or persecuted, there is the constant refrain, “But the economy is so good.” 

It’s no wonder the economy is doing well! Obama averted total melt-down in 2009, and now, with Republican cooperation, corporations are free to pollute and exploit their workers and customers, and get massive tax cuts to boot! 

Now, for many, this may be an attractive deal. But before you decide to trade security for freedom, I want you, at least in your imagination, to go to France. No, not Paris, but the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. Most of these young men grew up in poverty during the Great Depression. Their country gave them nothing but freedom, and the means to defend it. If you trade security for the freedoms Trump is demanding, then you will be breaking trust with these brave men.

Albert Gerheim


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