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On Jan. 6, The Sun reported on its Nation & World page that “Two-thirds of glaciers on track to disappear,” as disappear competes with extinction for the title of word of the 21st century. “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now” as our climate change fight to maximize the climate and minimize the change must be relentless. Two-thirds of glacial disappearance sounds troubling but a poor call-to-arms headline, as “glaciers” are nearly impossible to relate to.

On the same page in the “Briefs” column, “Survey: 3.3 million U.S. adults displaced by natural disasters” is much more compelling, with everyone able to relate, as north of 1.3% Americans live it out in real time. The newly installed Republican Congress has it 100% right that we must increase domestic energy supplies, but electricity from renewable sources is the only way to go. The future isn’t waiting, the future is charging. Our government of, by and for THE PEOPLE must provide economic incentives for said people to change their habits, desires and investment portfolios to freight-train phase in electricity from renewable energy as we mad dash away from fossil fuels. Regardless of your political, scientific or religious beliefs, there’s a universal “I want more” economic belief, with government tax policy the best way to effect change.

Despite its absence from the Joe Average American vocabulary (when was the last time you said the word glacier?), glaciers are enormously important, providing drinking, agricultural water and hydropower, affecting billions of people worldwide, not to mention their potentially destructive impact via floods and landslides that would harm more. Antarctic and Greenland ice melt might seem remote, but add glacier melt to the sea level rise equation and it’s an all-hands-on deck emergency.

Here’s a climate demonstration sign for you: “Give a Sh*t,” like the glacier melt news attempts, to somehow, some way get people engaged, but news about climate-caused destruction destroying lives is much more engaging than glacier melt. Just as everyone is part of the problem, everyone must be part of the solution, with no living being on Earth exempt from the climate. Listen, learn, educate and advocate. Future generations of human and non-human life are counting on you! The future is now!

Jay Lustgarten


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