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In her Oct. 9 letter to the editor, Donna Chambers’ claim that David Wilkinson “… was singularly instrumental in getting the (Charlestown) tax-rate reduction …” is completely false. It is also a disservice and an insult to the Budget Commission members for all the time and effort they spent preparing the budget. Wilkinson had nothing to do with the rate reduction except to vote for it after it was presented to the town council. I wonder if Wilkinson even knew this ludicrous claim would be made using his name in a letter to the editor.

I attended every Budget Commission meeting from January through March. Wilkinson did not attend any of those meetings! If Wilkinson did what Chambers claims, it didn’t happen at any publicly held meeting I know of. At the conclusion of these meetings, on March 30, the Budget Commission as part of its budget recommendation letter to the council recommended the tax-rate reduction. Subsequently in May, the council, including Wilkinson, voted in favor of the reduction as part of the budget.

Endorsements should not contain such blatant false information!

Steven J. Williams


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