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Back in the dark days, when strange fruit hung from trees in the deep South, who would have volunteered to be the community witness or whistleblower? Who would have the courage to announce having seen a crime? If eventually a finger was pointed, would anyone be indicted? Would anyone be arrested? Better yet, who in authority would arrest him? And would a trial even take place? When does the justice system not apply? We’re guessing that everyone in town knew there was a crime and who committed it, but let’s just say, the rule of law was abandoned in these cases because power, money and justice were white.

Bomb a black church. Does half-hearted justice delivered after 40 years really count? If the rule of law doesn’t apply to all citizens all the time, do we bother to empty the retirement homes to find perps? Even if the aged terrorists are guilty, they still might not be convicted by a jury of their peers.

I’m responding to a Nov. 27 letter to the editor in The Sun written by Mr. Mageau from Charlestown, who along with millions of fellow citizens, has a problem seeing that a moral monster has edged his way into the White House. Neither does Mr. Mageau see any virtue in the whistleblower or witnesses to the “perfect” phone call. Even oversight of Donald Trump by a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats is suspect to Mr. Mageau. He feels that Democrats have lots of leftover love for Hillary and hate for everything else. Mr. Mageau doesn’t much like Democrats apparently.

After a lifetime of questionable acts, enough money to avoid and use the law to his advantage, Mr. Trump has transferred his expertise as a NYC grifter to corrupt the entire Republican party. That was easy enough. But what’s a whistleblower to do if he realizes the president has committed a crime against the country? How to indict? Who’s going to make the arrest? Do we just overlook the rule of law once again, with Mr. Barr the new Roy Cohn or Boss Hogg? USA, annex of the deep South. King Donnie can do no wrong. It’s in the Constitution ... somewhere.

Clearly the House of Representatives has a duty to accuse and it will indict Mr. Trump with a short list of his crimes against the nation. His Republican peers in the Senate will acquit him. We all know that. But justice and the community can’t just loiter around and gawk at the crime scene as if nothing has happened. If the House of Representatives hadn’t been flipped in 2018, another white crime would be overlooked simply because no whistleblower or even an eyewitness wants to be the reality star in a Republican high-tech smearing.

Charles Logan


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