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What we have now in the Democratic Party, their media stooges and their local vocal robotic useful idiots is a collective version of a modern-day Madame Defarge. That’s a reference to the classic Dickens novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Madame Defarge is a character in the Dickens novel. For those who don’t know, during the French Revolution, Madame Defarge had a front-row seat to and gloated at all the guillotine executions in Paris. And today, that is exactly what the collective version of Madame Defarge is doing over COVID.

Trump called the virus a Chinese or Wuhan virus and the Defarges screamed racist. In a move that limited the spread of the virus and saved countless lives, early into the pandemic Trump banned international travel to and from certain countries. The pandemic would have been much worse if he hadn’t done that. Again, the Defarges screamed racist!

Keep in mind that while Trump was taking actions, the Madame Defarges were downplaying the seriousness if the virus.

Trump faced ever-changing recommendations from the “experts.” You don’t need a mask and then you do. The virus can’t, then it can, be spread by surface contact. Etc. The latest info is that virus can travel airborne more than 6 feet. I could go on but I think you get the idea. Everything is Trump’s fault.

When New York Gov. Cuomo screamed he needed more ventilators and hospital beds, Trump mobilized the private sector to make the ventilators that Cuomo said he needed. And he repurposed Navy hospital ships to handle COVID. He sent one to New York City and the other to the West Coast. The venerators Trump sent to New York went partly unused and the hospital ship had 182 patients. The goal was to have Trump unable to respond to the requests and then be able to blame more deaths on him. And that is in line what something I have said for generations.

I have always said that Democrats will kill you off it they think they think they can gain a political advantage from it. Now we have proof of that. The governors of Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, all Democrats, ordered senior citizen COVID patients out of public hospitals and into private nursing homes. I believe they did this to skew the numbers of deaths in the state-run hospitals. And they did it despite the nursing homes saying they were not set up to handle COVID patients and didn’t have enough PPE to protect their staff and patients not infected with COVID.

Democrats killed Grannie. An estimated 40,000 nursing home patients, most of them seniors, died as a result of the Democrats’ despicable actions. Will the modern-day Madame Defarges take that figure off the body count they gloat over? Will they demand that the four governors be charged with mass murder for their deliberate actions? I think we all know the answer to those questions.

And despite a never-ending torrent of hate and criticisms from the Madame Defarges on the left for almost 4 years, promises were made and, with few exceptions, were kept. Obama said we would save $2,500 on health care. We never saved a penny and we have faced ever-increasing premiums and copays to go along with, in many cases, a $6,000 deductible before you can get an aspirin on your health care plan.

To close, I will paraphrase a line from the Dickens novel. It is a far, far better thing President Trump has done for America and, in particular, the middle class, than any president has done before him.

Phil Gingerella


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