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This in response to the letter titled, “Local Republicans should denounce hate,” by Jonathan Daly-LaBelle of Wakefield on Page A4 in the Wednesday issue of The Sun. I am the chairman of the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee, so I think I qualify.

However my views are not necessarily those of my town committee.

Political and public personalities say things that should not be said. The political rhetoric on both sides of party affiliations, as well as all sides of the ideological divide, need to be reflected on. President Donald Trump says and does things that I wouldn’t as president. However, Mr. Daly-LaBelle will very possibly if not likely see President Trump re-elected. The economy in the fall of 2020 will have a great impact on that, among other factors, including how “swing states” vote.

To quote Mr. Daly-LaBelle, “Locally, how hard would it be for the Rhode Island GOP, Westerly GOP, the Chariho GOPs, or any of the others to issue a statement denouncing what Trump’s doing and come up with a plan to diminish and remove this dangerous hate?” A small amount of people in the Westerly-Chariho area actively keep the local Republican organizations going. At present, Charlestown especially needs to have a vibrant Republican organization. The Richmond Republican Town Committee can see a Republican majority on its town council. I am the only Republican elected to the Hopkinton Town Council, although an independent member is a Republican.

Local Republicans should step forward and serve on their local party town committee. Town committees endorse candidates for office, and are the ones that make official decisions locally.

I think President Trump should perhaps have a thicker skin politically, and tweet less and more selectively, and not comment on virtually everything.

The political left needs to get real, however. The Democrats need to start owning their running of numerous cities like Baltimore and Providence, and states like Rhode Island. President Trump has to govern with a divided Congress, while our Democratic governor, Gina Raimondo, has her party in solid control of the Rhode Island General Assembly. Rhode Island has a number of dubious statistics or rankings! So much for the Democrats being “the party of the people!” The UHIP fiasco, which Governor Raimondo proceeded with after being told by the federal government it wasn’t ready yet, cost food stamp recipients some grief.

It will be interesting how Gov. Raimondo’s leadership proceeds with the trouble in the Rhode Island Dept.

of Children, Youth and Families and their ongoing problems.

The political left likes to especially play various

“cards”: the race card, class card, gender card, and other “cards.” While demographics are important to study, people individually are pretty important in assessing them as themselves. Of the current crop of candidates on the Democratic side, two I will comment on here.

Talking about character, I think of two U.S. senators, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Senator Sanders wants the nomination for president for a political party, yet he declined to run under their banner in his Senate elections in Vermont. Is that fair to Democrats who proudly carry that name? Then Sen. Warren, claiming to be a Native American. Not only did she claim that, but she put forward that fact clearly when applying for consideration for benefits only Native Americans should benefit!

In his letter, Mr. Daly-LaBelle criticizes the “weakness” of Joe Biden. Joe Biden is probably the most electable out of the Democratic field. He has issues, but on paper he has notable credentials.

The real problem the Democrats have is the far left, or much of it, seems not to want to go with a traditional Democratic nominee. They want to go “really left”, which is a “plus” for the Republicans, and President Trump.

In closing, those interested in being involved in Republican politics or helping the 2020 Trump Campaign can contact me at 401-360-4603 or

I will provide information or leads for them. As local Republican head in Hopkinton, those interesting in running for local office in 2020 as a Republican should contact me.

Lastly, if you are interested in running for national convention delegate, I would be helpful in that way.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council. He has attended six Republican National Conventions.

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What a long-winded and rambling way to say, "Sure Trump is a racist, but that's not a deal breaker for me."

All this deflection and finger pointing at democrats at a time when people are actively killing or trying to kill other people because the President and his party have dropped the dog whistles and just come right out and dehumanized other humans. For what reason? Because they're brown or darker! Cool. This is all incredibly cool and good in Scott Bill Frist's (white) world.

Let's all listen to the republican tell democrats who they should nominate to be president. That's how it works right? Gonna peel off a lotta Trump votes if we nominate Biden? Really? Will you vote for Biden over Trump? No, you won't. So please shut up.

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