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Having once been a proud Democrat I hang my head in shame as I watch the progressives and their radical left allies push the party toward socialism and moral decay.

I left the Democrats because I couldn’t stand anything Hillary Clinton stood for. It was obvious that the woman’s movement and #MeToo would eventually lose sight of its own objectives and that they were more interested in power than in controlling their own bodies.

Now we see that happening in the Rhode Island General Assembly regarding abortion.

The states of Virginia, New York and Vermont have enacted laws that allow for infanticide. Black’s Law Dictionary defines infanticide as “the murder of a newborn baby.”

The “murder of a newborn baby” ... and the Rhode Island State Legislature is about to pass a law that permits infanticide in Rhode Island.

During World War II in Germany, the Nazis murdered thousands of babies who were thought to be deficient or not of Arian blood.

Is this what the Democrat Party now represents? Killing babies thought to be deficient, progressive socialism that’s failed everywhere in the world, open borders, etc.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that there is no public resistance from the male members of the General Assembly. Some of them must be husbands or fathers or whose beliefs would not support such a horrific act.

Have they all been gelded?

It’s apparent that the progressive left has no conception of right or wrong or they wouldn’t support the murder of a newborn baby. Things are good or bad as it serves their purpose.

The Democrats can’t see the forest for the trees. As it continues its slide into moral decay the public will eventually see that it is a moral cripple.

The electorate in Rhode Island are the only ones who can do anything about that.

James M. Mageau


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