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We hear a lot about freedom. Mostly, we hear about people asserting their freedom. People tell bald-faced lies and use the 1st Amendment to shield themselves from consequences. They use the 2nd Amendment as a pretext for parading around with deadly weapons as if they were fashion accessories. Exposing others to a deadly disease is even considered a patriotic expression of personal freedom.

When I hear people talking about freedom, I don’t want them to brag about asserting freedom. I want them to talk about securing freedom for others. The United States is unique in that we have fought wars of liberation. We freed slaves. We liberated concentration camps. We saw that our most bitter opponents recovered and became prosperous nations.

In the Westerly Land Trust Grills Preserve, about a mile from the parking lot, a Revolutionary War veteran, Clarke Hiscox, lies in eternal rest. He valiantly secured freedom for generations of Americans. I sometimes pause by his simple marker and wonder what he would think of the way we are abusing the freedom he secured for us.

Albert Gerheim


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