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This is to respond to Cynthia Drummond’s article titled “Town solar dispute gets personal,” which was published in The Sun on Friday, April 19, 2019.

First, the Westerly Warm Center provides an important resource in our region. The people who reside temporarily there there all have various issues.

But it needs to be remembered they are human beings! Being there will be an experience I will always remember. I acknowledge their support of me.

Secondly, I think my criticism of my Town Council colleague Barbara Capalbo was warranted. The benefits she wanted on the the Brushy Brook project should concern all residents. While some developers may be requested to do certain things, her request of the various benefits was way too much. Most people, in thinking of it, would understand the “uneven playing field,” such an arrangement would be for other development projects proposed. Councilor Capalbo said in the article that “Frank and I are the ones protecting people like Scott who cannot protect themselves.” That same article says “Capalbo said she felt that Hirst had unfairly attacked her and Landolfi during brushy Brook hearings.” My issue is not really with our Town Council president, Frank Landolfi, who has been consistent on his pro solar position. I remind Councilor Capalbo of her inconsistency on “big solar” in Hopkinton. She was against the “big solar” project off Woodville Road, part of which was an old landfill site , then was more than excited to support the Brushy Brook proposal. The Brushy Brook proposal site was much different! Mr. Landolfi’s record is different than hers!

I acknowledge the personal support I have been getting personally. However, I have signed no petitions regarding solar in Hopkinton.

Unfortunately both Councilor Capalbo and Hopkinton Town Council President Frank Landolfi, have signed the petition dealing with “landowner rights.”

I believe it best, at least generally, for Town Council members not to sign petitions that will be turned into them for consideration.

I support “landowner rights,” but properties are in zones that control what can be done in those areas. The Planning Board has a number of times recommended against zone changes when dealing with solar projects. The Planning Board serves without compensation, and should be afforded some level of respect! I do realize the comprehensive plan of the town can be changed and updated.

In closing, I do want to note both Councilor Capalbo and Council President Landolfi have been personally helpful to me, as well as Councilor Sylvia Thompson.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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