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“White House, GOP at odds” in the July 25 Sun peeks into the emerging Republican fissure that will “progressively” become the GOP story as polls increasingly reflect the administration’s abysmal COVID failure. Mr. Trump’s Feb. 27th “magically disappear” COVID strategy, fingers crossed, does not appear to be working, unless of course you’re talking about the world-leading 150,000-plus “magically disappearing” U.S body count. In 1987, Jerry Falwell peddled AIDS as God’s way of punishing homosexuals. Hey Jerry, is COVID-19 God’s way of punishing Americans for subjecting our country and the world to Donald J. Trump?

Our Constitution established three equal branches of government, but today’s corruption is not equal. Yes, McConnell has corrupted the Senate with the Merrick Garland Supreme Court hearing prevention and impeachment charade the most egregious examples, as the Nov. 3 GOP reckoning approaches. But judicial branch corruption led by Trump lackey DOJ head William Barr and Supreme Court imbalance are more difficult to rectify and now driving peace and justice protests across this country. Look no further than your Westerly Post Office every Sunday at 9 a.m. to join our fight for justice. Justice is not color blind. Racial profiling is. No justice no peace. Know justice know peace, with inner peace the most important, which I hope does not come easily to anyone who knows they did not do something to end Mr. Trump’s abhorrent administration.

More than 6 months after COVID-19 emerged, the U.S. is still searching for a strategy while the world strategizes to keep Americans out of their country. Trump’s USA! Trump’s USA! Trump’s USA!

Jay Lustgarten


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