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America faces one of the most dangerous tyrannies in its history. It is killing people. It is doing extraordinary damage to our economy, businesses, families, the education of our children, and our social lives. It is the tyranny of COVID-19.

Patriotic Americans can fight and defeat this tyranny by getting vaccinated and wearing masks until we achieve victory together.

People who want America and the Biden presidency to fail are spreading infectious falsehoods on social media to mislead the American people into failing to fight the COVID tyranny. They are pro-COVID and pro-death, and enemies of the American people. People, speak up and stop the madness.

Harvey Perry


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While Mr. Perry raises some important points, I take exception to the Covid-related political cartoon which The Sun ran on September 8. The drawing attempts to mock Florida's governor as not caring about safety and includes the words "300 deaths per day." Florida, during the latest spike, never reached 300 deaths per day according to data gathered by Florida's current daily death toll from Covid is trending downward and has reflected fewer than 100 cases per day for every day this month. Hysterics exist on both sides of any political issue. Let's give credit to the level-headed among us no matter the views they hold. Respectful dialogue is the path to peaceful coexistence.

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