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More bluster, hot air and labeling from our friend Joseph Sciarillo, however, very little on substance. In Sciarillo’s opening he wrote this: “I would add conditions are far worse because of Donald Trump.” Now, anyone paying attention knows that that statement/charge is totally false. Consider the following improvements across the country since Donald Trump was elected:

The nation’s work force now approximates 170 million, the largest in our history.

Unemployment numbers are the lowest since we’ve been keeping such statistics, particularly for women and minorities.

Wages of the lower end of earners are growing faster than they have in over 30 years, and at a higher/faster rate than the higher-tier earners.

The U.S. economy is by far the largest and most robust in the entire world.

Enacting historic tax reform and eliminating destructive Obama-era regulations.

The DOW has gained 11,000 points in three years.

Nominating conservative judges who respect the U.S. Constitution; two to the SCOTUS, 180-plus to the federal judiciary, with scores more waiting in the wings to be confirmed.

Inflation is virtually flat.

President Trump and his administration have been working feverishly to secure our southern border, and to enact immigration reform, in spite of the blatant irresponsible obstruction by Democrats.

7,000,000 new jobs go unfilled, due to a lack of skilled workers.

Reformed the long-abused VA to properly care for our veterans, and clear out the dead-wood employees.

Enacted prison reform, is developing “enterprise zones” in depressed areas, and he’s working to get children out of failing government run schools.

I could go on for pages of more examples, but suffice it to say, that President Trump and his administration have accomplished more in three years than did Bush and Obama combined, in 16 years. Sciarillo does make a reasonable point regarding health care, but to lay all of the failures at President Trump’s doorstep is absurd. The issue has been atop the marquee for at least 30 years, and socialized medicine is not the answer. I have every confidence, that with President Trump’s reelection, the health care issue will be resolved, and pre-existing conditions will be covered.

Now, most will agree that President Trump has an unusual style (as viewed primarily by the public bureaucratic sector), and he clearly ruffles feathers. President Trump is not a politician, he is, and always has been, a “DOER,” and his direct approach/manner is commonplace in the private sector. This is not a place for bureaucrats, or those with thin skin. In spite of President Trump’s flaws, when compared to the alternative offered in 2016, and the probable Democrat nominee in 2020, President Trump looks to many as a gift from our Lord.

In closing, the Democrat party is adrift, dealing with several (internal) warring factions. In fact, their current standard-bearer, isn’t even a Democrat!?! And that is Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent, and a hard-core socialist. Now most folks do not expect that “The Bern” will be the Democrat nominee. No, he will in all probability be knee-capped before the Democrat convention, much like he was in 2016. And believe me, when that day comes, we’ll all have a much clearer picture as to who the 46th president will be, come Jan. 20, 2021.

Mike Latham


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