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To the members of the Westerly Town Council and Town Manager Mark Rooney:

I am writing this letter in follow-up to the public meeting Monday night regarding the Harbor Management Plan and how it relates to the Watch Hill Cove and Breakwater West area. Quite frankly, I am in a state of utter disbelief and shock. To have been misled and lied to Monday evening and never given an opportunity to rebut any of the comments left me frustrated, angry and disgusted.

I was left with the impression that a final decision was already made at the June 17th special meeting regarding amending the proposal in Breakwater West to include the 5 transient moorings and 5 grandfathered private moorings. However, when I read the minutes of the meeting, there is a specific statement regarding the need for a public meeting before these plans could be adopted. Mr Duhamel, you and I spoke earlier on the day of June 17th and when I asked if there was a need to attend that meeting because I wanted to speak before a decision was made, you told me that the only purpose of that June 17th meeting was to vote on tabling any decisions regarding the Harbor Commission Plan until the fall and NO decisions would be made on that night. Was that a lie? If not, then Ms. Ahern’s comments Monday night were incorrect and misleading because she specifically spoke to the contrary.

Mr. Rooney’s flippant comments that those speaking Monday night are just looking for a parking spot is insulting and his smirk to William J. Conley Jr. while Mr. Krivickas was speaking was not lost on me. My goodness, YOU represent US, and the way you all acted tonight was embarrassing!

Ms. Ahern, my feelings are not hurt and your comments were not unkind. Instead your comments were incorrect and misleading and my feelings are that of anger. I acknowledge that a final decision may not result in my favor but to act like our comments tonight held no merit at all makes me downright angry.

I am grateful to Ms. Giorno for recognizing our frustration and to Mr. Aiello for requesting more meetings for public discussion on this matter.

In the end, I suspect you have already made your decisions. However, how you have handled this situation in the court of public opinion is unacceptable and you should feel ashamed.

Annette L. Headley


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