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I’ve lived in Richmond since 1989, and in recent years have been distressed to witness the clear-cutting of acres upon acres of trees in our district for the installation of solar farms. Megan Cotter, candidate for House District 39, understands that clearcutting and indiscriminate placement of solar farms defeats the purpose of protecting the environment and mitigating climate change. Such actions do not align with true action against climate change, but are instead utilized solely to line the pockets of businesses that toss the word “green” around — some of which even use “green” in their corporate name — to try and convince people that what they are doing is healthy for the planet.

Megan is passionate in her vision for transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030. She knows that if our state focuses on this goal, thousands of jobs will be created for Rhode Islanders, and it can be done without destroying wildlife, forests, farmlands, and our beautiful landscapes. She has partnered with Action to petition the General Assembly to save our forestry.

The current incumbent, Rep. Justin Price, has neither spoken out against the travesty of clear-cutting, nor proposed any viable plans to encourage the development of renewal energy. Megan Cotter realizes that the climate issues facing the planet require immediate, responsible, and effective action, and she is already taking steps to address them. If you care about preserving the rural nature of our district as well as developing renewable energy and the jobs such work creates, I urge you to cast your vote for Megan Cotter.

Kristen P. Chambers


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