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Two abortion-expansion bills are before the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

These are essentially the same as the bill that New York State recently passed, which would allow the killing of a child up to the moment of birth. If passed, these bills would also permit killing of a child who survives an abortion attempt, but is still born alive. That means that the abortionist, stuck with a “live one” laying on the table, a baby who refused to die and is now an inconvenient, unexpected human life, would be legally permitted to drown, suffocate, inject or crush a child who would otherwise live, grow and prosper.

Of course, this is murder. These sort of scenarios happen already, about 4,000 per year in Rhode Island (about 3 of every 10 pregnancies), though not to such extremes of barbarity.

The two bills before the Rhode Island House (Judiciary Committee) were heard last week, with pro-life folks of good will and appropriate motivation outnumbering by about 4-to-1 the anti-life, death-obsessed “choicers.”

These bills would also permit less qualified persons to perform abortions (including midwives and orthodontists, for example) in non-medical settings, which sacrifices women’s safety even further than abortion already does, given some current medical safeguards. Currently the Department of Health regulates and oversees abortion, offering some safer medical protections for women. If these bills pass, Health Department oversight would be eliminated.

Babies are greater targets than ever and women’s safety is disregarded entirely.

Please contact Rhode Island House members with your thoughts.

Steve Sullivan


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Lies, all lies. The law does not say kill the kid right before it is born. That is simply the way the Anti-Choice Dummies interpret it in the hope u On-The-Fence people will agree. Read the Ruling before u believe what the Lefties say.


I'm curious, could you point to where in the bill it states that orthodontists can perform abortions?

Full text of the actual bill is here:


Thank u. The Anti-Choice folk get pretty nasty don't they?

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