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During January, many of us will focus on the annual NFL playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl. Households will plan and organize special weekend gatherings, especially in our area, as the Patriots gear up for another postseason run.

In parallel, hundreds of thousands of individuals are finalizing plans to participate in the Jan. 18 “MFL” — “March For Life” (  — in Washington, D.C. The attendees are unified in their opposition of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion in the United States 46 years ago. Our country has witnessed more than 60 million abortions since then.

The theme for this year’s MFL is “Unique From Day One.” Right from the beginning of life, right at the time of conception, that single cell is neither mother nor father. It is a unique, unrepeatable human being in its most vulnerable stage. The science is irrefutable.

The Jan. 18 MFL is not merely the symbolic unity of people of all faiths sharing the message of the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception. It is so much more! As enjoyable as our experience can be watching our favorite NFL team in the month ahead, those attending the MFL are there with significant, tangible resources to assist and serve their “team” — mother and unborn child. The associated MFL Expo is an opportunity for attendees to connect with approximately 70 pro-life organizations and ministries that serve women and their babies, born and unborn.

It is also notable that there are also more than 75 local MFLs scheduled across the US in 2019, primarily during the month of January. In our neighborhood, the Pregnancy Center of Westerly (adjacent to the Immaculate Conception Church) and the Mother of Life Pregnancy Center in Providence are just two of a number of organizations that are available to assist mothers who may be in the midst of a crisis related to their pregnancy and child care.

Please consider joining the MFL in any capacity! It is much more than a one-day event. There are so many pro-life alternatives to abortion and you could be just the person who helps to ensure that every human life is valued and protected from the moment of conception. 

Martin M. Bednar

North Stonington

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