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“Human rights abuses at the border must be stopped,” in the July 9 issue of The Sun, shines a light on another best-kept-in-the-dark Trump USA-trocity that should sicken all Americans.

Who here believes in the Bible? If Adam and Eve are the original great exponentially removed grandparents of humanity, then aren’t we all brothers and sisters (incest possibilities notwithstanding)? So the torturous concentration-camp abuse occurring at USA detention camps are perpetrated on distant family members? Absent all Biblical beliefs, it takes only a nod to this country’s immigrant history, doing our best to overcome native American genocide, to disregard the nausea as Morrissey’s topical “this country is making me sick” lyric plays in the background.

“What’s happening now is a breakdown in human decency that is so out of step with this country’s values that it can’t be tolerated any longer.” The violence and oppression pushing immigrants to our border makes their turnaround both literally and figuratively unlikely, irrespective of Mr. Trump’s repeated history of taking joy from the humiliation and misery of others. See Jeff Sessions.

This American treatment of refugees is a slap in the face to our out-of-control military that’s grown beyond defending borders, but the story is to spread human rights and democracy, which a movie script could not possibly satirize more strongly. Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ….” So we can abuse them to the point where some detainees have died in custody? This sickening anomaly’s perversity is like the NBA’s greatest player, Michael Jordan, free-throwing an air ball! Whereas addressing this country’s drug problem is best solved with policies that eliminate the demand, the immigrant surge is best addressed with policies that eliminate the supply, as the U.S. must work with the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to improve in-country conditions that will reduce the allure to escape the ensuing violence of armed gangs of drug traffickers making families and children risk their lives, which no amount of cruelty will deter.

Online petitions are nice and all, but the Orlando Sentinel leads the way with their June 18 editorial the day before Mr. Trump launched his 2020 re-election campaign: “We have to do better.” “Enough of the chaos,” as the Orlando paper announced its “endorsement for whichever Democrat” candidate opposes him. This endorsement preceded Elizabeth Warren’s plan for everything (except passing her Native American DNA test), her seriousness demonstrating a well-thought-out answer to this country’s many problems, recognizing that this country’s world standing and respect for decency is chief among them and cannot be ignored.

Jay Lustgarten


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