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Time Magazine announced for the second time in 30 years it is devoting an entire issue to climate change. Recently, Mr. Mageau asserted yet another conspiracy theory. The dastardly left-wing radicals and politicians may be using the environment, climate change, for political purposes. He then suggested the earth is getting colder, not warmer. A fictional right-wing litany of dated nonsense completed his rant. Ignoring that the United States has pulled out of the Paris accord, not China, he says China is not doing enough. Asking, how will we defend ourselves, compete in space, or get to work, he suggests reducing fossil reliance is impossible.

I wonder if Mr. Mageau’s subscriptions to ultra-conservative magazines have run out. Is he is working from 20-year-old back issues? Perhaps he is working from current magazines that offer only recycled propaganda. Is Mr. Mageau aware that “Meet the Press” will not book guests who deny global warming? It says scientists made the case and the science is indisputable. The climate change argument is like the round earth argument. There are some folks today who still say the earth is flat. There are some folks today who still say global warming is a myth.

Like all conspiracy theories, the climate change theory is crazy. It reminds me of “The Blob,” a 1950s sci-fi film. In it, an alien craft crashed to earth. A gooey substance from the craft grew and became stronger as it devoured everything in its path. It went on a rampage until someone discovered that cold repelled it. Forces attacked the Blob with cold. They shrunk and subdued it. They saved the world by dropping it into the Arctic.

The climate change conspiracy theory works the same way as the Blob. Science began to show climate change dangers, and this gave birth to the conspiracy theory. Like a space alien with no concern for earth, the conspiracy theory devours everything in its path. It consumes all who support climate change and makes them part of the conspiracy theory. The theory dismissed climate change as a left-wing plot to tax. It rebelled against the efficient light bulbs with lower lifetime costs. When scientists offered climate change evidence, the theory added them to the conspirator list.

Some folks who oppose change reach for conspiracy theories. Simple. They need no thought. Just blame everything on left-wing radicals or another group. Use the blame to foment hate against the group and forestall action. Nature and the laws of physics and science may finally have subdued the global warming conspiracy theorists. Mr. Mageau has it wrong. We will rely less on fossil fuels. We must. The true conspiracy is the conspiracy of ignorance that has denied the problem for so long.

Joseph C. Sciarillo


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