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In a day when negative criticism is so easy to come by, we wanted to inform all of you of the very positive contribution to our family that was done by the head of Guidance at Chariho High School, Erik Meerbach.

Our daughter was hoping to take the AP Music Theory exam, but Chariho High School did not offer the exam.

Erik Meerbach let us know that he would do his best to find another school district in the state that offered this exam. He called us back a few days later to let us know that NO school district in Rhode Island offered the AP Music Theory exam. However, he also told us that since Chariho was considering offering the exam NEXT year, he would go ahead and arrange for the school to offer the exam THIS year.

He said that he figured if the school was going to be prepared to offer it next year, they might as well offer it this year. “I certainly wouldn’t want to prevent a student from an opportunity to excel,” he told us.

And so, of his own initiative, Mr. Meerbach made all of the arrangements to allow our daughter to take this exam.

Despite the late date and a crunch for time, he ordered all of the necessary materials

and technology to make it happen.

When a teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty, we feel this should be acknowledged and celebrated. We are so grateful to Mr. Meerbach for his willingness to put so much effort into our daughter’s education and future success. His commitment to one student has already made a difference in the life of our family.

John and Heather Savage
Wood River Junction

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