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Before I get into the real deal with the New Green Nightmare, I have a couple of questions for Freddy Lustgarten Kruger or any other Climate Clown that comes out of the little Clown Climate Car. And one of questions I have is not how do they get that many Climate Clowns into that little Climate Car.

Many countries are falling short of the decarbonization goals hammered out at the 2016 Paris climate convention — not that they ever had any intention of meeting those goals. But China — already the world’s No. 1 carbon emitter, producing more than a quarter of global CO2 exhausts — stands out. With its economy tanking at a rate not seen since the early ’90s, it’s re-embracing the dirtiest of fossil fuel — coal.

As of July, China had 4,436 operating coal plants, with 487 under construction and many more in the permitting pipeline. Contrast that with 1,291 operating U.S. coal plants, with only closings planned.

The U.S. switching from coal to natural gas leaves it, as of 2018, with “the largest absolute decline [in carbon emissions] among all countries since 2000,” according to the IEA. China’s move for more coal-fired power plants will totally negate any reduction on CO2 by the rest of the world. In fact the U.S. has already surpassed the CO2 reduction goals of the Phony Paris Pact.

So if climate catastrophe is really a thing, here are the two questions I would like any eco-loon, especially the head eco-loon, Freddy, to answer.

Question #1: There are only two logical reasons for China’s never-ending push for coal to power its economy. One reason is that China is intent on destroying the world, and that would include their own country. Or the Phony Paris Pact is a fraud they are perfectly happy to see the rest of the world commit economic suicide with, leaving China as the dominate world power forever. Explain what China’s reason for pushing for coal power is.

Question #2: We have already exceeded the U.S.’s goal for CO2 reduction in accordance with the Phony Paris Pact, without destroying our economy. What is the purpose of the New Green Nightmare? Explain why the Democommies are pushing the U.S. to meet a goal that is already met and in the process destroy the U.S. economy.

To be clear, eco-loons are not just intellectually lazy and intellectually dishonest, they are intellectually cowards. For the eco-loons, this eco-scam is an ego thing. “Look at me. I am saving humanity.” There is a huge amount of data exposing the eco-scam. A rational person would at least look at the data, but they never will. Because if they are wrong, and they are, their ego shrinks to the size of ... a CO2 molecule.

So what’s the goal of all this climate male cow manure? The goal is twofold. It’s power and control. The Democommies have been pushing for generations to get government control of health care and this eco-scam fell into their laps. By controlling health care and the environment, the Democommies have total control over you. Everything they want you to do or more likely don’t want you to do can be justified as being good or bad for your health or good or bad for the environment. It’s about 100% control of your life. You may complain but you will do as you are told!

One more segment coming up on what the end came of the Democommies is and why they are doing it.

Phil Gingerella


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