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In his letter titled, “On the difference between a random sampling and totally hoodwinked” (The Westerly Sun, Oct.15) by Mr. George Tremblay, Mr. Tremblay claims that Mr. Frank Glista is wrong. His rationale is that Mr. Glista should not be attacking the town council majority and the CCA for planning to do a random survey to ask the taxpayers how they want to spend the town’s surplus. He argues that the same results can be achieved from a well-designed “sampling survey” as can be achieved in a “townwide survey.”

Well, it isn’t necessary for any arguments over this issue. The only thing a taxpayer has to do is look at how the question was framed (asked) on the ballot during the Financial Town Referendum, which was subsequently approved by the taxpayers.

940-9480 – TOWN-WIDE ASSESSMENT/SURVEY - $74,552

Funding for a survey to determine needs of the community.

The question makes it adamantly clear that the taxpayers did not approve a survey that represents a sampling of the taxpayers’ opinions. The question says TOWN-WIDE!

James M. Mageau


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