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As a local leader in Chariho it is advisable to stay out of another town’s internal politics, certainly generally. However I am concerned about restricting various opinions in “the public square,” or even having a discussion of them. It is apparent, even when those in office think they have the votes to prevail, they still don’t want contrary opinions presented. I have seen Charlestown-based letters in The Westerly Sun recently. Since my town, Hopkinton, shares a regional school district with Charlestown and Richmond, what Charlestown officials do in their capacity in regards to the school district very much concerns me.

Linda Lyall, who is the Chariho School Committee chairperson, is a Charlestown Citizens Alliance officially supported official. In light of her behavior of preventing an agenda item dealing with two resolutions in regards to critical race theory, does the Charlestown Citizens Alliance support her conduct? That behavior impacts not only Charlestown, but the two other towns.

It would seem a School Committee member, Pastor David Stall, from Hopkinton, short of a compelling reason, should be able to get those resolutions on the agenda to be discussed. In government, various views should be presented, let the majority prevail, unless there is a legal issue, and take a stand! If critical race theory is not happening in Chariho, speak to the issue directly. Good leadership encourages discussion, and tries to be informative, not stifle it.

There are 12 members on the Chariho School Committee. I realize one member has had health issues for some time. Whether you agree with a colleague or not on the School Committee, it is more than reasonable they should get something on the agenda, and one especially of great interest to some in America.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is a member of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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