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In Cynthia Drummond’s story in the June 9 issue of The Westerly Sun titled “‘Demo campsite’ built for DEM raises alarms in Charlestown,” it’s apparent that the Charlestown Town Council has its nose out of joint because it wasn’t notified of the demolition project.

I wonder how many people in Charlestown are familiar with the adage “stuck on stupid.” I believe it now applies to the Town Council. Historically, North Park on Watchaug Pond was an active campground of Burlingame State Park until it was closed by the DEM several years ago. The property is owned by the “sovereign”state of Rhode Island and it is only a courtesy that they share any information about North Park with the town.

The majority on the Town Council have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they can’t successfully govern or plan the affairs of the town. The council tried to hoodwink the taxpayers into approving a budget with a $3 million unencumbered appropriation to allegedly construct a community center. It didn’t present any construction plans, and because of that the entire budget was rejected. Now we are entering into round two of a second budget. Talk about being stuck on stupid.

But wait a minute, the town now insists on being involved with the DEM on how it’s planning to reopen the Burlingame State Park North Campground. That’s interesting when it is doubtful that it could plan a backyard cookout.

The majority of the Town Council and their Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) handlers have wasted thousands of dollars at Ninigret Park constructing a second bike track for $300,000 that no one uses, building a wall and an entrance sign for thousands of dollars and several other things all outside the outline of the Ninigret Park Master Plan.

Stuck on stupid? Wait a minute! Who’s the sovereign here? The State of Rhode Island or the Town of Charlestown? It’s been reported that the state-owned North Park property has been recorded as part of the town’s open-space acreage. How did that happen?

I hope that someone who is not “stuck on stupid” can explain that.

James. M. Mageau


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