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I’m not a reporter, so I don’t have to be objective. This week, with the retirement of longtime Chariho beat reporter Cynthia Drummond, the community lost an amazing resource.

Cynthia covered Chariho Schools during the entirety of my nine-year tenure, writing with clarity and purpose to inform southern Rhode Island, to bring attention to the incredible work of our students and faculty, and to elevate in importance the role of schools in the community through her engaging prose. One of Cynthia’s many gifts was her ability to ask questions that prompted memorable quotes. Her style provided both context on the event or issue she was reporting and personalized the subject for readers. As school leaders, we valued the accuracy of her reporting and the impact it had on growing awareness about the issues relevant to our schools and the development of community partnerships.

On a personal level, Cynthia was always endearing and fun. She took a special interest in the lives of the community members she covered, and navigated comfortably in asking difficult questions in the various environments where stories took her. Last summer, she followed me into a swamp off Switch Road to write a story on my passion for picking wild blueberries and pie-making. Through that experience and many other conversations and interviews, I came to appreciate the person crafting the stories. She cares about our community, the environment, and all Corgis. I know we will stay connected as she makes her next move into freelance writing in the community. Thanks for the many ways your reporting held us accountable to being our best for Chariho. Cheers, Cynthia!

Craig MacKenzie

West Kingston

The writer is the principal of Chariho High School.

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