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This is in response to the Westerly Sun article of Friday, Jan. 25, titled "Chariho has lots of questions for its legislative delegation," by Cynthia Drummond. The recent Chariho omnibus meeting was the perfect opportunity to have local state legislators present to discuss issues other than the school budget. Not all state legislators were present, but I note not all School Committee members were present, either, including some from Hopkinton. One reason I have a problem with the omnibus meeting is it only has the budget on the agenda.

The School Committee wants to meet with state legislators at its Tuesday, March 12, meeting. The timing is not the best. At that point it is around the middle of the session. In addition, the General Assembly rules require unanimous consent usually, after a time that month to submit legislation. But I think there is a practice to let legislators submit some legislation after that point?

I am not pleased the current proposed school budget does not have an outside management study. That type of study would be a great tool, if used wisely on decision-making. I acknowledge the town council in Hopkinton's concern with the proposed school budget. I appreciate the efforts especially of Frank Landolfi, our town council president, regarding the proposed school budget.

I have requested having the four members of Hopkinton's delegation to the Chariho School Committee come to the second town council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19 (there is no meeting on the third Monday because of the Presidents' Day holiday), to discuss school-related issues. They have not been contacted yet. It will be on the agenda for our upcoming town council meeting on Monday, Feb. 4, to send a letter of invitation to them to come our second meeting.

As always Hopkinton residents can contact me at (401) 360-4603 and

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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cal carpenter

Scott here's my issue... your letter as well as many comments are only when $$$ are involved. I get that we're getting a hike based on enrollment in Richmond too and paying more is no fun no matter your zip code. What I dislike is the tone between communities that when WE benefit the Chariho Act is sacred, but when we feel we can gain it needs to be revised. Recall a few years ago Richmond wanted it's fair share of representation on the SC and it was like pulling teeth to get it. When it comes to the budget there are things we can all do to help and we don't need a study to tell us such. Hopkinton benefits from Charlestown and Richmond donating Tipping to the district... While I understand they 'cant' it doesn't mitigate the fact that you don't. Hopkinton has 2 Elementary Schools while Charlestown and Richmond have 1. On it's face that's fine as we want all our kids to have a great education and if that's the best way to do it for a sister community I'm fine with it. Let's be frank though, we all pay for that benefit that only Hopkinton gets to enjoy. One of my biggest pet peeves is class size at Richmond and Hope Valley and the thought that many in Hopkinton are opposed to any shifting of students (voluntarily of course) to at a minimum avoid adding another teaching position the entire district has to pay for. That is the single biggest issue I have... we love the benefits of regionalization but want to act proprietary when we think it benefits us. We should begin to behave in a more regionalized manner and cooperate at the elementary level as well so we can all save money. Until we're all willing to do that all I'm hearing is hollow tears about the budget when it affects 'MY' town.

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