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A factory school in the field is a bad idea because it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

If all our elementary students are put in one big school — a factory in the field — there are many unintended consequences.

If something breaks at the factory, the whole elementary school system goes down. If the well gets contaminated or goes dry, no one can go to school. Currently we have public water in Richmond and Hope Valley. If there is an oil shortage, we may not be able run the furnaces. Luckily, gas lines are already in place in the Ashaway School. Just imagine the ****show if the cesspools and leeching fields get overwhelmed at the factory that handles such an incredible volume of waste! Smaller facilities in individual schools operate in isolation and are less likely to have a massive back-up.

COVID-19 has taught us lessons about the hazards of having large numbers of people close together. Whether it’s the common cold, seasonal flu, the chicken pox, or, heaven forbid, another pandemic, having our students in one place increases the likelihood of them and us getting sick. Satellite schools in different communities spread out sources of disease and contagion, promoting more healthy neighborhoods.

Our world has changed. Crazy people seem to be doing crazier things with more widespread consequences. Terrorism isn’t limited to big cities and far-away places. A factory in the field is a sitting duck for target practice. It’s a surefire way to create a sensational, front-page story with wide-ranging implications at our children’s expense.

Our children are our most valuable asset. We send our children to school and we entrust them to the care of others. By putting all of our boys and girls in one place, we risk losing them all.

A factory in the field puts all of our eggs in one basket. We wouldn’t do it with our money and we surely shouldn’t do it with our children. They are our most precious resource

Georgia Ure


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