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In addition to my role as vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council, I also chair the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee. Sen. Elaine Morgan is a member of our local town committee.

I am proud to say I got her involved years ago in politics, and her first public office was as town sergeant in Hopkinton. Sen. Morgan is not a one-dimensional person. Outside of politics she is a instructor for the CCD program at Our Lady Victory Church in Ashaway, as well as having been an enterprising businesswoman.

This is in response to the letter to the editor 'Why is it hard for Morgan to condemn hate?' by Kristen P. Chambers of Alton, in The Westerly Sun of Wednesday, June 12. Sen. Morgan is a caring person, and I know that personally. One of her closest friends, who attends many activities with her, is a Filipino native. She is popular with a number of people.

Senator Morgan can be judged on how she treats people. It is rather apparent Ms. Chambers is not a Morgan supporter, which is her right. I do recall her support of Sen. Morgan's opponents in past elections.

Ms. Chambers is not telling the 'full story' either deliberately or because she does not know the facts. The vote condemning Sen. Morgan in unwarranted. Thinking people of all persuasions, affiliations, and ideologies need to recognize other thoughts exist.

That does not make them bad people.

The vote Sen. Morgan participated in was 'bundled' with other legislation.

Something as important as that topic should have been a 'standalone' vote.

The questions are obvious: 1. Why was it not a standalone vote?; 2. Why was Antifa excluded in the resolution?; and 3. Why was it put on the consent calendar? A press report suggestednon-controversial matters are placed on it. It would seem someone would say something about this! What I find curious is the sponsor, Sen. Donna Nesselbush, D-Pawtucket,

was surprised how this was handled, according to press reports. As a Democrat, I would think she would have talked about it with the top state Senate leadership. Also Sen.

Nesselbush did not respond to Sen.

Morgan, according to a press report, about adding Antifa. One of the criticisms of Senator Morgan in Ms. Chambers' letter notes that it is the senator's objection to a video shown at Chariho by an eighth-grade English teacher of … 'Donald Trump's racism' ... . I think many thinking people will ask why was this done in an eighth-grade English class? We need to be respectful of different opinions. I do hope our schools are open to all ideas, and not only those of the Democratic, liberal and progressive persuasion, and that Republican, conservative, and independent thought is welcome in the classroom.

Ms. Chambers needs to remember that all groups don't speak for all. In addition, excesses on any side of the political spectrum often need to be curbed. The 'political left,' where she seems to come from, is not always correct or superior to other thinking.

Antifa needs to be held accountable, as well other groups, regardless of political orientation.

Scott Bill Hirst

The writer is the vice president of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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