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I plan to continue as chairman of the Hopkinton Republicans to advocate for a member of our town committee, Pastor David Stall, who is also a Chariho School Committee member, to get things on the School Committee agenda.Those in office are accountable for their conduct, including Linda Lyall, a supported Charlestown Citizens Alliance official. One only needs to read The Westerly Sun to see how this group and its officeholders operate.

Lyall is the elected official, not Leo Mainelli,who is the CCA’s president. She presides over the Chariho School Committee, which involves three towns: Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton. When a School Committee member from Hopkinton wants something on the agenda it should be honored short of a compelling reason. Clearly other government entities allow more public discussion than the Chariho School Committee. Regrettably, Pastor Stall has a video on YouTube now on his treatment on the school committee. Is preventing a School Committee member from getting something on an agenda and allowing the public to comment being professional? It is about “high-handed” politics.

In response to Mr. Mainelli’s letter, “Hopkinton’s Hirst should follow his own advice,”in The Westerly Sun on Sept. 16, my comments above will pretty much serve as a response. But Mr. Mainelli says in his letter his group selects candidates but “... we step back and let them do their job as they see fit.” The question for Mr. Mainelli is obvious: Does he agree that CCA-supported officeholders should block agenda items on the Chariho School Committee? In addition, another question for him regarding the Charlestown Town Council: At their town council agenda meetings, should the CCA-supported members block or make it more difficult for non-CCA-supported members to get things on that agenda? We learn from Steven J. Williams, a former member of the Charlestown Council, in a letter on Aug. 28 (“Charlestown agenda-setting needs reform”) how the CCA operates. Ironically, Mr. Williams, as he points out, is a veteran, and his topic of veterans exemptions was prevented from being on the agenda by his fellow CCA members. Certainly would seem a topic of interest to many in that town.

In closing, I graduated from Chariho High School 50 years ago. I know our local area. Mr. Mainelli and Ms. Lyall should make democracy work for all! As a leader, Ms. Lyall should address her conduct on this matter concerning Pastor Stall better. Also, other Chariho School Committee members should voice their opinion on this matter, and not remain conspicuously quiet!

I am interested in hearing from all Hopkinton residents at 401-677-9503 and, and also for town business only at

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is a member of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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