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In his letter titled”Lack of civility not helping Charlestown”, in the June 11, issue of The Westerly Sun, Mr. Michael Chambers (Charlestown Citizens Alliance) complains about the behavior of the people at the Town Council meeting on Monday, June 10.

His comments are another example of the hypocrocy that exists in the CCA. He obviously has the ability of going deaf, dumb and blind at his own convenience. That’s because when his wife, Donna Chambers, on several occasions during the Town Council meeting in May, rudely interrupted several residents speaking at the podium by shouting that we want Ninigret Park to be “dark and quiet,” Mike Chambers stayed quiet as a mouse.

The residents were speaking at the podium regarding the proposed $3 million Community Recreation/Senior Center and how the CCA said it would be located in the area of the Master Plan set aside for the concert/festival site.

Historically, accusations of the lack of civility or bullying has always been the first line of defense employed by the CCA when it’s caught in an unflattering position. That’s what Mr. Chambers is attempting to do now. He trying to embarrass the taxpayers who are showing that they are angry over the disrespect shown to them by the Town Council majority.

Civility begins with respect! And no one I know believes that the Town Council majority showed any respect for the intellegence of the taxpayers when it asked them to approve this year’s budget with a $3 million construction line item with no construction plans. That’s not respect. That’s believing we are all fools.

Further evidence of that is their obvious belief that the budget would be adopted, because they had no back-up plan in the event it was defeated, as it was.

So you see, Mr. Chambers, it is the CCA’s majority on the Town Council and persnippity snots like you who blame others for the creation of another “clowntown.” You should also look closely at the clowns, because the biggest clown at the Town Council meeting in May was someone you know well. Her name is Donna Chambers.

James M. Mageau


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