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The Charlestown Citizens Alliance endorsed candidates represent all of Charlestown not just the interests of those in a few particular areas. Each of these candidates represents all of the town, but they also live all over our town. Their homes are dispersed from the northeast border with Richmond and South Kingstown to the western border with Westerly, from the Pawcatuck River to the coastal ponds, from Buckeye Brook Road to Old Post Road, from Kenyon to Quonochontaug, from North to South and East to West, they’ve got Charlestown covered.

Independent Town Council candidates Sheila Andrew, Cody Clarkin, Susan Cooper, Bonnie Van Slyke and David Wilkinson have diverse backgrounds and interests and they strive to engage all the citizens of Charlestown in the life of our town.

Planning Commission candidates Gordon Foer, Walter “Peter” Mahony, Ruth Platner and Frances Topping work to protect all of our natural and historic resources from our beautiful ocean beaches to the Wild and Scenic Pawcatuck River.

As a past Principal of the Charlestown Elementary School, Town Moderator candidate Ron Areglado consistently treats everyone with respect and civility, regardless of differing opinions.

School Committee candidate Gail “Linda” McAllister works to bring excellent education and opportunity to all of our children, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Charlestown Citizens Alliance endorsed candidates represent the whole town, from border to border and everywhere in between.

Erika Wilkinson


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