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On April 9, the taxpayers of Charlestown, Richmond, and Hopkinton will vote on the 2019-20 Chariho Regional School District budget. Charlestown residents are encouraged to vote from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Charlestown Town Hall. Due to a decline in enrollment, the Charlestown contribution to the school district has been reduced, while Richmond will experience a slight increase and Hopkinton a large increase due to higher enrollment. Charlestown’s contribution under this budget would be slightly more than $11.5 million. For over 60 years, under the Chariho Act, town contributions have been apportioned by enrollment statistics. This year, Charlestown will contribute the least amount among the participating towns because it has enrolled 61 less students than last year, a reduction of about $800,000.

As taxpayers, because this year’s school budget favors Charlestown, Charlestown voters have an incentive and are urged to show their support for the school budget. The Chariho school administration and the School Committee have worked diligently to ensure that the school budget justly meets the needs of all the schools and their students. Chariho is a high-performing school system and, as such, needs the support of all three towns to maintain the level of excellence the taxpayers have come to expect.

Show your support for the Chariho School District through accepting the budget presented for your consideration.

Donna Chambers


The writer is a Charlestown representative to the Chariho School Committee.

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