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During the May meeting of the Charlestown Town Council, I challenged each of the councilors to speak the truth to the residents about a proposed community center and to correct any misinformation immediately. I thought I got agreement from all five, at least I hope I did. Actually, would any one of them not agree?

As the meeting progressed, Deb Carney offered information several times and several times was corrected by her fellow councilors. She stated that the Council ignored 319 signatures and was corrected that the item for discussion had not yet come up. She said that the Town Council does not listen to the people, and was immediately corrected by the chairwoman. Each time she did not argue the point, essentially agreeing with their rebuttals. I find it curious that Ms. Carney could not last one meeting without spreading misinformation and falsely attacking her colleagues.

On behalf of the rest of the Town Council, they have shown restraint when falsely accused, have let her propose actions, and expanded on her suggestions. It is evident that she does not listen to her colleagues.

Donna Chambers


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